PADI Open Water Diver Course
Get your "PADI" today!
Course prerequisite: No diving experience needed
1 PADI instructor to maximum of 3 students (PADI standard: 1:8)
Course duration:  2.5 days to up to 6 days*
Course content overview: 
1. Theory studies (5 chapters, 4 quizzes and 1 final exam);
2. Confined water training (48 skills);
3. Open Water Dives (4 dives);
Course starts everyday!
Price is all-inclusive: PADI open water manual; instructor; use of equipment; unlimited number of confined water training sessions based on your need; 4 open water dives; certification fees to PADI.
*Our philosophy:
1. Your diving safety after the course is directly related to how well you’ve mastered the scuba diving skills before you get certified - and different people learn at a different speed - therefore we believe it’s irresponsible for us to say “you could finish the course in 3 days”. Instead, we customize the course schedule according to your speed of learning, your physical strength and your holiday plans. If you need to increase the number of confined water training - there’s no extra charge! We take the time with you to make sure you’ve properly mastered the skills before going out to the open water.
2. For the same reason, we stick to a maximum 1:3 ratio - probably the smallest classes in Thailand! If one instructor is teaching 3 OW students, 2 learn very fast and the other 1 need extra training time, we break down the group even further and give them 2 separate instructors to adapt to the different learning speed!
3. We only charge you for what you’ve finished. In the unfortunate events if you get sick / have to stop the course half way for whatever reason, we only charge you for the parts that you’ve finished!
Why should you choose to do the course with Profun?
Because we’re Professional and we are FUN!
Safety and customer satisfaction are the key aims of our dive school, the name says it all. 
Extra small class: With our 1:3 instructor to student ratio (probably the smallest ratio in Thailand), you could get extra training and care from your instructor at a personal level!
Extra training time if needed: You could have unlimited number of confined water training dives if you need to, to make sure of your dive safety in the future.
Extra flexibility: As our classes are extremely small, we plan the course schedule according to your personal ability, time and holiday plans, instead of pushing divers to fit our schedules
Extra fun: We make sure you get the right amount of training before diving in the real world and do your open water dives. As a result, the amount of time we need to spend in practicing skills in the open water dives is significantly lower than most of the others and we have far more time enjoying the beauty of the underwater world in Phi Phi. Most of our customers spend at least 70% of their underwater time in the open water dives having fun, instead of doing skills!
Extra Safety:  Every customer is given a dive computer to use free of charge for all the open water dives. It’s far easier to do dive planning with a computer - also it allows you to monitor your depth and dive time closely underwater!
Extra clear vision: Free of charge! -1.5 to -8.0 masks with prescription lenses available for use if you wear glasses.
Extra perfect seal: Free of charge! 4 different kinds of masks available for use for different kinds of face features to reduce the possibility of water coming into your mask!
Extra protection: 3mm full wetsuit guaranteed , to stay warm and prevent jellyfish stings.
Extra power: 5mm dive boots + Mares open heel fins for protection and added power underwater. (Fins we use: Mares Wave series or Mares Avanti Superchannel series).
Extra professionalism: We are an official PADI 5 STAR Dive Center! Verify our information on PADI’s official website: (Type in “Profun Divers” and you’ll find us :-)) Therefore your certification card will be a special version golden card, instead of the normal blue one!
Extra comfort: Purposely built dive boat - Nautica - with: clean toilet, sun deck; hot and cold drinks and fresh food and food onboard daily.
Extra peace of mind: We only charge you for what you’ve completed - if you get sick or cannot continue the course for any reason, we only charge you for what you’ve finished!