Profun Divers Divemaster Internship program!
Do I have a passion for scuba diving?
Do I love and care for the underwater world?
Would I like to share my passion for diving with others?
Am I willing to invest 9 months of my time to live my dream and get paid for doing what I really love,everyday?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then our Profun Divers FREE Divemaster Internships is perfect for you.
Divemaster, the first step into PADI Pro
The standard PADI Divemaster program is the first step into the ranks of PADI Pros. The course sets the foundation upon which you build a career in the diving industry. Upon completion of the Divemaster course, you will be qualified to guide certified divers independently and assist instructors on courses. After the Divemaster course, you will only be 1 step away from becoming a PADI instructor!
We strongly believe that the best way to become a confident PADI Divemaster is to do an internship style course. Our free Divemaster internship will take approx. 9 months, depending on the level of your certification. Unlike many other Divemaster courses, you won't be rushed through your pro training if you choose to do your course with us. We take pride in the training quality and the level of customer service we offer - and we are very proud to share with you that we are currently ranking #1 on tripadvisor out of all the dive centers and tours on Koh Phi Phi! (A link to our tripadvisor page can be found at the bottom of this page)
What is it and what will I do?
You will be welcomed as part of the Profun Divers team, and work as part of the team throughout your training with us. The key to our scuba diving internship program is that you learn what it really means to be a professional diver. You will work alongside our Divemasters and Instructors to have a real life experience. Apart from developing your diving skills, you will manage social media and bookings via email.
On top of the standard Divemaster training, we offer optional internal training programs on various aspects so you could be prepared for a prosperous future in the diving industry upon completion of the program. These training are all offered at ZERO training cost (the only thing you will need to pay is PADI certification fees wherever applicable). The optional trainings include (but are not limited to):
  1. Social media management training
  2. Sales and communication skills training
  3. Marine biology and conservation programs training
  4. PADI Freediver course training
  5. PADI Sidemount Diver training
Live your dream and get paid for it!
The timeline
First 2 months of your course you will be trained up from your current level up till the PADI Divemaster level by our PADI pro Instructors. Meanwhile you could start making money while managing our social media and email bookings.
Next 3 months you will be a Divemaster Trainee, and you will be working alongside our Divemasters and Instructors developing your diving and training skills.
And last 4 months you will get a chance to work as a certified Divemaster, making money by commissions and having your own customers.
Upon completion of the program: a possible IDC internship will be offered to those who complete the program with outstanding performance!
To make sure of the quality of our program, we take no more than 2 candidates for the Divemaster Internship program at the same time - so it will be a customized program tailored to the candidates’ needs and scheduling. We will decide the “start date” together during the interview process.
The cost:
Diving wise, the only cost involved in our FREE Divemaster Program is the PADI related fees (Materials / registration and certification fees) which is about 300 USD. All the dives and training are free of charge.
Successful candidates would need to cover their own living expenses (food and accommodation).
Prerequisites for the program:
• Minimum Open Water Certification ( if higher level, internship period will be shorter)
• A passion for scuba diving
• Positive attitude and willingness to learn and progress
• Minimum stay for 9 months on the Island 
• Fluent in English and can speak at least another language

The PADI Free Divemaster internship will change your life as it did for all of us! The course will develop your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist PADI instructors with student divers. Your Divemaster internship on Koh Phi Phi Island will be one of the best times of your life, not only because you are doing lots of diving in beautiful dive sites, but also because of the awesome people you will have the opportunity to meet and work with. You will learn how to have fun SERIOUSLY!
Application process:
If you’re interested in our FREE Divemaster program, please send the following information to us via :
  1. Your CV and some recent photos of yours
  2. Any questions you might have in regards to our program
  3. At what time will you be free to join our internship program, should the interview process go smoothly.
Now we're looking for you!