Discover Scuba Diving
Take your first breath underwater, an experience you will never forget!!!
Designed for beginners:     
No certification / no diving experience needed
    half a day
Trip options: 
A. AM trip: 7:30 - 12:30; Run daily
B. PM trip: 13:15 - 18:00; Run daily
Maximum Depth:      12 meters
Ratio:       1 instructor with 1 or 2 divers(inclusive)
Number of dives:     
2 scuba dives (with 2 scuba cylinders + 1 possible snorkeling session in between)
Dive area:      The Bidas / Phi Phi Leh in the Phi Phi Marine Park
FAQs: Discover Scuba Diving Program
How many trips Profun do per day?
We have two trips every day. The morning trip is from 7:30 - 12:30, and afternoon trip runs from 13:30 - 18:30
How many dives will I do?
Each trip comes with 2 dives. (You will get a discount for any trip you make following the first one)
How many minutes will the dives be?
Each dive will be between 30 - 50min, depending how fast we breathe underwater. If you can breathe slowly and stay relaxed then we can enjoy two nice long dives together.   :-)
What does it feel like to breathe underwater?
Amazing, we love this feeling and every instructor still remember the first breaths underwater. The breathing is calm, continuously like when you are sleeping or meditating. With all the warm water around you, and so close the the marine life, it`s impossible to not feel calm and peaceful.
Who can learn to dive?
Almost everyone that is generally healthy. The minimum age is 10 years old. There is no maximum age.
Do I need to get a medical certificate?
For your safety we need to make sure that you are fit to dive. When you`re at the shop we`ll go through a medical survey together. If you have any conditions that’s listed in the medical survey , we will help you find a doctor here on Phi Phi to check if it is OK to dive.
Is it dangerous?
No it isn’t at all. Scuba diving is safe if you follow all the rules, we are all PADI certified instrucrtors and we follow all the standards closely and provide you a safe experience. Diving is a safe and fun family activity.
Is there any shark at the dive sites?
There are no dangerous sharks in Phi phi. If you are lucky you may see a shark swimming at a distance, perfect for taking pictures.
Will my ears hurt?
When we go scuba diving the ears shouldn’t be painful at all! It’s true that the pressure will increase as we descend - and our ears will feel the pressure coming. Therefore for your safety and comfort, our instructors will teach you a simple technique which is called “Equalization”to help you deal with the increased pressure. Once you master the skill - the dives will be not only painless but also very comfortable.  :-)
Can I dive if I wear glasses?
Yes. The best option is to wear a scuba diving mask with prescription lenses (which is offered in our shop free of charge - the lenses we have vary from -1.5 to -8.0.). Another option is to wear soft contact lenses while you are diving - it’s safe and lots of our instructors go diving everyday with contact lenses.
Is it cold underwater?
Not here in Phi phi. The temperature is usually around 28°C - 30°C / 80°F - 86°F though it can sometimes be colder. Therefore we’ve prepared 3mm full wetsuits for you to prevent you from getting cold and make sure you enjoy nice long dives underwater without worrying about the temperature.
Can I dive if I suffer from seasickness?
If you tend to suffer from motion-sickness easily, we have seasickness medicine available, free of charge :-)
What happens if it rains during the diving trip?
It’s not a problem to dive while it is raining at all, because it usually doesn’t affect the conditions and we`ll be wet anyways. :-) If the conditions are not safe for diving, we will reschedule the trip or cancel the trip for you at no cost.
Do I need my own scuba diving equipment?
All rental scuba gear is included in the price (mask, snorkel, open fins with boots, 3mm wetsuit, weight belt, BCD and regulator). All you need to prepare for the trip is just a swimsuit, a towel and readiness to feel awesome. :-D
Will I be in a big group?
We have a professional double-deck dive boat that can fit well a big group of people, and we never go beyond the maximum capacity. But even with a big group, our maximum ratio is two customers per instructor during the Discovery Scuba Diving experience - in this way our instructors can not only make sure it’s safer for you, but also customize the experience to your individual needs.
Who will be my instructor?
All our Profun Instructors are well experienced and well trained to take good care of you. Your exact instructor will be assigned the day before the trip, based on your language needs. We have a team of instructors that can speak fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese), Thai and French.
Can I dive in Phi phi at any time of year?
It’s safe to dive around the Phi Phi Marine Park area all year long except for the very few days when a storm hit. If the weather turns out to be unsafe for scuba diving, we will organize a rescheduling or cancellation for you, free of charge.
Is insurance included?
Yes. Once you book with us, we need a picture of you passport to make a dive insurance for you before the activity. We will sign you up for a local insurance that covers any possible medical cost that is related to scuba diving should you need medical attention following the trip.
What is PADI?
PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors and it is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. More than 20 million beginner divers just like you have earned their PADI diving licence by taking the PADI Open Water diver course. It’s by far the world’s most widely recognized scuba diving licence.
Why choose Profun Divers?
Because we are ranking #1 on TripAdvisor in Phi phi, thanks to the hard work of our great team, and we also offer you dive insurance and full set of equipment in good conditions. We try our very best to take good care of you so that you could have a good experience with us.
What is the Profun Divers cancellation and refund policy?
Should you need to cancel/reschedule the trip, please inform us before 22:00h the previous night for AM trips and before 11:00h the same day for PM trips, and only 500 THB will be charged (boat space/ insurance cost). Any cancellation/rescheduling made after the time mentioned above or being late for more than 15 minutes will be charged 1000 THB.
Can I take my cameras with me during the experience?
Based on the rules of Phi Phi Marine park, non-certified divers are not allowed to take cameras underwater. Nevertheless We have on-board photographer that takes pictures and videos for you both on the surface and in the water for a very reasonable price.
Is food included?
Yes, we have fruits, water, coffee and tea on the boat, and we also serve you with delicious Thai food. If you have special dietary needs, we also have the options of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or any other special requirements.
I don`t know how to swim, can I dive?
Yes. Your instructor will be with you in direct contact during the whole activity, and swimming with scuba equipment is literally as easy as walking on land, as we have constant supply of air from the scuba tank! We will teach you how to do it before we start the actual dive.
What should I bring to the boat?
Come with your swimsuit, and bring a towel with you. If you want to bring your camera and some snacks, please feel free to do it. We will provide water, coffee, tea, water and food onboard.
How much it costs?
The price for the Discover Scuba Diving program is 3,400 Baht per person and it includes absolutely everything  mentioned above - instruction, full equipment, PADI taxes, diving insurance and food on the boat. Since July 15, 2017 there is also a fee of 400 Baht for the Koh Phi Phi Marine Park, which needs to be paid directly to government agents on the pier and the money goes into marine park operation and environmental conservation projects.
What are we going to see?
The Phi Phi Marine Park is well known for the huge variety and quantity of the underwater life, with huge schools of fish, “Nemos”, lobsters, turtles, Lion Fish, black tip reef sharks, Moray Eels, lots of different kinds of colorful corals and tropical fish. We have fish identification slates available both onboard and in shop - and if you’re interested we can help you get to know more about all the awesome creatures we’ve seen underwater!