Discover Local Diving/Fun Diving
Dive with sharks, swim with the turtles, and enjoy the best of Phi Phi underwater!
Trip prerequisite: Scuba Diving Certificate (PADI Open Water Diver / Scuba Diver or above, or equivilent entry level rating from other agencies. Contact us if you have any questions)
Ratio:  1 PADI professional to maximum of 4 divers;
Maximum Depth: Depending on level of certification
Trip Includes: Insurance; Instructor/Divemaster; Dive Computer; Full set of equipment (Mares Rover BCDs + Scuba Pro Regulator + 3mm full wetsuit + dive boots + open heel fins + masks + snorkels) Food; Fruit; Coffee; Tea; Water;
Trip options:
A. Local marine Park; (AM 7:30 - 12:30; or PM 13:30 - 18:30) 2 dives; Dive area: The Bidas / Phi Phi Leh in the Phi Phi Marine Park, about 30-45 mins boat ride;
B. Kled kaeow Wreck (AM 7:30 - 12:30; or PM 13:30 - 18:30) 2 dives; Dive area: 1 dive at Kled kaeow Wreck; 1 dive at Phi Phi Leh in the Phi Phi Marine Park, about 30mins boat ride;
C. Night Dive; (18:30 - 20:30) 1 dive; Dive area: Ton Sai Bay; about 10 mins boat ride;
Included in our price:
Extra Safety:  Every diver is given a dive computer to use free of charge - monitor your depth and dive time closely. Save time on dive planning and spend more of your time underwater!
Extra clear vision: Free of charge! Masks with -1.5 to -8.0 prescription lenses available for use if you wear glasses.
Extra perfect seal: Free of charge! 4 different kinds of masks available for use for different kinds of face features to reduce the possibility of water coming into your mask!
Extra protection: 3mm full wetsuit guaranteed for warmth and extra protection
Extra power: 5mm dive boots + Mares open heel fins for protection and added power underwater (Fins we use: Mares Wave series or Mares Avanti Superchannel series)
Extra Professionalism: We are a registered PADI 5 STAR Dive Center! Verify our information on PADI’s official website: (Type in “Profun Divers” and you’ll find us :-))
Extra comfort: Purposely built dive boat - Nautica - with: clean toilet, sun deck; hot and cold drinks and fresh food and food onboard
Extra peace of mind: Change / cancel of trip, free of charge if due to bad weather. Specific water sport and diving insurance included for every customer.
Extra small group: 1 PADI instructor or divemaster with maximum of 4 divers to maximize the care and safety we could offer. We break the groups down to even smaller if customers are of different experience level. (PADI standard ratio: No limit)